Crown SZ-31

Crown SZ-31

The SZ-31 is a stereo cassette player in the style of a Walkman, manufactured in China by the Crown Corporation of Japan. These cassette players came in three colours namely black, blue, and red. It had basic tape control functions, play, fast-forward, and stop, and aimed for the budget end of the market. The unit usually comes supplied with a set of headphones and a belt clip. It is 118 mm × 88 mm × 38 mm in size and weighs approximately 180 g. The power output is 16 mW per channel through the supplied headphones.

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This was a mass manufactured in China, and aimed at the budget end of the market. However, it produces clear sound, and has qualities similar to the earlier Sanyo cassette players. A brand new one with box and original headphones could be around ten pounds or more.

It has some interesting electronic design features not available in other cassette players, and you can see some of them in the following pages of this multi-page article.

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Crown SZ-31
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