Sanyo MGR 80

Sanyo MGR 80

The MGR 80 (also known as MGR-80) is a stereo AM/FM radio cassette player in the style of a Walkman, manufactured in Korea by the Sanyo Electric Company. This is a portable unit, which requires batteries and a pair of headphones. This would have been a high-end Sanyo option for the consumer, as it sports an auto reverse transport mechanism, metal chassis, 3 band graphic equaliser, metal tape bias option, and a rechargeable high capacity battery pack. The unit has LEDs for the FM pilot signal, as well as tape direction indicators. The mechanism can play both sides of the tape continuously, or play both sides once and then automatically stop.

The Sanyo MGP 30, which became available in the mid 80s, is very similar to this unit except it does not have the radio circuit.

Front Controls

Side View

Stereo Radio Cassette

Volume Control and Switches
Front Graphics
Graphic Equaliser

Arrow Graphics
Back Label

Cost / eBay

Cassette Player

I do not think I have ever seen one of these in its original box with headphones and manual, but I am sure many collectors will have one, as this would have been mass manufactured.

These units usually go on sale on eBay and the prices can vary depending upon the condition. A working one is certainly worth more than a broken one. The main thing to look out for is the drive belt, because replacing it on this unit can be time consuming and therefore costly.

I managed to get this unit for a few pounds because it was broken in many places; however, it was worth repairing because it has a very good sound quality. You can see some additional aspects of its electronic engineering in the following pages.

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