Sony WM-EX562

Sony WM-EX562

The WM-EX562 was a stereo cassette player Walkman, manufactured by the Sony Corporation in approximately 1998. This model is identical to the WM-EX560, which has a cheaper remote control lacking a LCD. In the EX562, you get a full remote control with a liquid crystal display, Dolby Noise Reduction (DNR) decoder, Mega Bass and Groove sound mode options, and Automatic Music Sensor (AMS). This unit operates on a single “AA” sized battery, and with the Sony alkaline LR6 (SG) battery, you can get up to 29 hours playback time.

Battery Compartment
Cassette Compartment Lock

This model came in black, and silver with blue tint options. The cassette compartment lid is metal whilst the centre portion is plastic.

Hold Switch


Cost / eBay

Depending upon the condition, and completeness, the price can vary greatly. A basic unit on its own in a reasonable working condition could fetch ten pounds or more. If it has the original box, with the LCD remote control, and earphones, then it could fetch considerably more. It also depends upon the collector, and his intelligence.

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Sony WM-EX562
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