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Due to the nature and place of my work, which houses sensitive and critical electronic computer equipment, I am unable to use the mobile phone when I am working. The best way to contact is through email.

Mistakes / Errors

If you found any mistakes, then kindly send email with a link of the page and where you consider the mistake to be.

  1. Link of page with mistake
  2. What is the mistake?

If you found any errors or typos then I am obliged, thank you very much for letting me know, and I shall correct it straight away.

HTML Page Linking

My servers can handle large volumes of traffic, so if you are in the education sector then linking is fine.

Long Questions / Research Students

I am sorry but I do not have free time to answer long technical questions or do your research projects for you. Electronics and mathematics comes very easily to me, and I realise that this may not be the case for others, so my advice for you is to persevere. May I suggest visiting a library, buying a book, or joining a College.

No Reply

If you do not receive a reply, then please understand if I missed anyone... It has been a big day, and I am a little tired... :-)

Free Charity work for Museums

Unfortunately, I am no longer performing restoration work for museums as it takes too much of my time, and I get nothing for it. There are plenty of knob-head CEOs and Executives living in palaces, basking in the sun, in their yachts... Perhaps they should do some free charity work for a change.

Artificial Intelligence

You may receive a reply from Mr Data, the artificial intelligence (AI) program that I have written and am testing. You will not be able to tell the difference. When I am away, Data takes care of the website, looking for typos and errors. Therefore, you might notice slight improvements in formatting and linking.


I am sorry but I am unable to provide general support / tuition, as I am busy between work and family commitments. I am often writing content up to 3 a.m. in the mornings, and working full-time as well. If I am free, and you catch me at the right time, I might be able to help, but I cannot guarantee it.

Sony Support

I am sorry but I do not have the spare time to provide free support for Sony Products, however occasionally, I do help people out. Sony are a multi-billion dollar firm with CEOs and Directors living in palaces. Why people rely on me to provide free help is something I cannot figure out. Perhaps one day when I am their Chief Executive, I might consider it... However, until that day comes, keep your ear to the grindstone...

Guaranteed Reply


For a guaranteed reply, please write the next logical deconstruction of this proof for a finite time domain. Alternatively, if you happen to be a CEO and you wish to offer me a job in your firm then that too will receive a reply.