Elsi Mate EL-860

Elsi Mate EL-860

The ELSI MATE EL-860 is a 1980s pocket calculator manufactured in Japan by the Sharp Corporation. It has an eight digit full floating point liquid crystal display (LCD), and automatic power OFF function.

This is a small vintage calculator ideal for travelling executives, measuring 54 mm × 91 mm × 5.3 mm, and weighs 37 g.

It has an extremely low power consumption of 0.0002 W, and consequently a pair of alkaline manganese or silver oxide batteries (LR-1130 or SR-1130) will provide up to 1666 hours operation time.

The Sharp Corporation of Japan made some wonderful memorable consumer electronics goods.


A new calculator comes with a wallet style protective case, batteries, and an instruction manual.

Cost / eBay

The ELSI MATE is a highly collectable range of calculators. They were extremely popular in the 80s. They have a good build quality and are reliable.

There are many collectors, and on a good auction day, a good one in mint condition could fetch a few pounds.

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Elsi Mate EL-860
Elsi Mate EL-860
Inside Sharp EL-860
Elsi Mate EL-860 Calculator Chip
Elsi Mate EL-860 Wallet Case
Elsi Mate EL-860 Box
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