The Beauty of Mathematics


Area of a Trapezoid Trapezium
Surface Area of a Sphere
Area of a Triangle


Volume of Sphere
Volume of Sphere Derivation Proof
Volume of Cone Derivation Proof
Volume of Prism
Volume of a Cone


Sine Rule
Cosine Rule Proof
Cosine Rule

Quadratic Equation

Quadratic Formula Derivation
Quadratic Equation Derivation Proof Hindu Method
The Quadratic Equation

Simultaneous Equations

Simultaneous Equations
Simultaneous Equation Solver


The Pythagoras Theorem
Triangle Inscribed in a Semicircle
3.1415 PI

Mathematical Puzzles

Tupper's Self-Referential Formula Explained
Harry Potter and the Hall of 100 doors


Integration Basics
Integration Formula Sheet
Integration by Parts

Expansion Series

Maclaurin Series

It is about those moments... the beauty of mathematics in engineering technology. I will start with the basics and work up to the complex stuff if anyone is interested...

I dedicate the maths section of this site to Mr Smith, my maths teacher for AS level Maths at Carshalton College in the late 80s. He was a fantastic teacher, and never before or since did I find a teacher that was as good as he was.

It was thanks to him that I passed with a Grade A. This was back in the prehistoric times when there was no coursework, and you had to sit for three exam papers. The third paper was three hours long, and no bathroom breaks!